If you have any queries before enrolling or after completing your enrolment, please contact the Student Information Desk.

If you have any queries during your enrolment process, contact us between 9.30  and 14  through this link.

If you have any queries regarding the process of assigning places, go to Canal Universitats.


If you do not enrol on these dates, you will lose your place.
Watch this video to help you with enrolment.

If you’re reading this page, it means you’re about to join the UPF community. Welcome!

Make sure you have been assigned a degree programme at UPF.  Check your assignment and in which period you must enrol at the university access portal

Once your admission has been confirmed, check the day and time. If you don’t enrol on the date assigned, you will lose your place at UPF. 

We recommend you read all the sections bellow carefully. 


Check to see if you must attend the briefing of your course or if there is any specific information you should know before enrolling:


Ready? Right, let’s go!

The date and time for enrolment depend on the course and subject preferences. It is very important that you check which subjects you have been assigned on the university access portal


If you have any questions ask us