Only complete applications (validated by the administrator) will be considered. Within approximately two weeks from receiving your application the Admissions Office will update your status.

To avoid applications being listed as incomplete candidates are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible prior to the deadline of each round. Doing so will enable candidates to upload missing documents and receive their recommendation letters.

International candidates are encouraged to apply in the first and second application period to allow admitted candidates enough time to address visa issues and get their documents legalized. 


Application calendar for academic year 2019-2020


4th Call for Applications

Application submission      From April 18 to June 3
Notification of selection results (on-line) July 9
Payment to reserve the place From 10th to 17th July


Extraordinary application call

An extraordinary call for applications will be offered for those master's programmes with vacant study places. We do not recommend international students to apply in the extraordinary call, since the notification of admission will take place in September, close to the beginning of the lessons; so the time allowed is too short to have the student's visa issued. 

Application submission From July 25th until August 21st *
Notification of selection results (on-line)  September 6th
  • Master in Biomedical Research (open call from June 25th) *
  • Master in Current Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism and Multiculturalism
  • Master in Political Philosphy
  • Master in Research in Social Communication
  • Master in Legal Sciences
  • Master in European Global Law
  • Master in Asian Pacific Studies in a Global Context
  • Master in Comparative Studies: Literature, Art and Thought
  • Master in World History
  • Master in Computational Biomedical Engineering
  • Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media
  • Master in Intelligent Interactive Systems
  • Master in Translation Studies
  • Master in Translation among Global Languages: Chinese-Spanish
  • Master in Brain and Cognition