The Consortium for the Language Normalization (CPNL) is a body formed by public and private Catalan entities, which purpose is fostering the divulgation, the use and the knowledge of Catalan.

In its website one can find regular courses of Catalan, that range from the most basic level to the proficiency level, and which are subsidized from the 25% to the 100%. Its courses demand between three and fifteen hours of time dedication, and they have a duration of between three and four months; there are both, on-site and online mode. The CPNL also offers specialized courses for professionals, oral expression courses (from the A1 level), and writing expression and orthography courses (from the B1 level). For those who want to improve their oral skills, the Consortium offers the option of an online linguistic exchange, through the Volunteering for the language programme. Moreover, one can find links to tools and resources of support for solving linguistic general and terminological doubts, news about Catalan, etc.