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Bacteria with learning ability for the treatment of disease
Researchers at Pompeu Fabra University have created a bacterial circuit that responds to associative learning: in front of a given stimulus, the bacteria display a conditioned behavior. The study will advance the engineering of the human microbiome, a field very useful for the treatment of complex diseases.
Health and life sciences in front of the sea

Discovering secrets under the microscope, learning how to rescue a cardiac arrest or attending a physical therapy masterclass are some of the activities that will be on offer at the University's Mar Campus during its open day on April 22.

Researcher Pura Muñoz-Cánoves receives a grant from the European Research Council
The European Research Council announces the ERC Advanced Grants, awarded according to scientific excellence as a selection criterion. Among the 231 recipients is Pura Muñoz-Cánoves of Pompeu Fabra University, who is investigating the tissue regeneration and aging.
Bacteria take turns to feed when living under scarcity
Bacterial communities adopt a time-sharing strategy to streamline efficiency. The mechanism, discovered by scientists at University of California San Diego and Pompeu Fabra University, is similar to the typical time-sharing vacation properties. The study is to be published on Thursday in Science.
Neuroenhancement: An opened debate to society
An international team of researchers, lawyers, businessmen and patients has successfully introduced methods of public reflection and debate on brain improvement techniques.
Gema Revuelta talks about the commitment of the UPF with the Public Engagement
Today at the Discover the W100 in Spain conference hosted by the University of Navarra, Pamplona.
Consumption of "Cannibal drug" in adolescence has prejudicial effects on adulthood
A new study, conducted with laboratory animals, warns about the consumption of the psychoactive substance MDP -known as 'cannibal drug'- in adolescence increasing vulnerability of cocaine addiction during adulthood.
A view on Biomedicine's training
Matti Nikkola, an expert on biomedical training, will give a brief talk on Tuesday focusing on the past and future of biomedical degrees.
The DCEXS fights for gender equality in its research
It does so through the Gender Action Plan, an initiative that includes financial aid for young researchers that are mothers and are determined to consolidate their scientific career.
Brain Awareness Week is back in UPF
From 13-17 March, the 22 nd edition of Brain Awareness Week is being held, and the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences at UPF is offering several talks on neuroscience and neurobiology.
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