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July 3

12:30 h

Room 51.100

Invited Research Seminar

"Post-quantum cryptography from supersingular isogeny problems?" 

By Christophe Petit 


We review existing cryptographic schemes based on the hardness of computing isogenies between supersingular isogenies, and present some attacks against them. In particular, we present techniques to accelerate the resolution of isogeny problems when the action of the isogeny on a large torsion subgroup is known, and we discuss the impact of these techniques on the supersingular key exchange protocol of Jao-de Feo. 


Christophe Petit is a Lecturer in Computer Security in the University of Birmingham's School of Computer Science, and a member of the Security and Privacy research group. Previously he was a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford's Mathematical Institute, where he helped founding the Cryptography group,and prior to that he worked at Université catholique de Louvain's Department of Electrical Engineering and at University College London's Computer Science Department.

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