Room 55.309

PhD Research Seminar

Introduction to PhD Seminars

By Aurelio Ruiz Garcia 



Room 55.410

PhD Research Seminar

Title: DKPro Core - With Reusable and Interoperable Components Towards Reproducible Experiments

By Dr. Richard Eckart de Castilho

Host: Jens Grivolla


Vast amounts of information are stored in unstructured formats such  as audio, video, or plain text. The field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) addresses   this by providing not only methods but also many ready made tools to analyze  text and to structure it in many ways ranginge from simple segmentation to complex  semantic analysis. However, it is often difficult to incorporate these tools into new experimental setups because the complexities of installation, configuration,  data transformation and interoperability in general are often underestimated.  This negatively affects the reproducibility of such experiments.  This talk will give an introduction to doing NLP with DKPro Core and the DKPro   eco-system with a focus on the approaches employed to promote and facilitate   reproducible experiments and the development of NLP-based applications.


About the speaker: Dr. Richard Eckart de Castilho is a senior research and technical lead at the Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing Lab, TU Darmstadt, the lead developer of DKPro Core,   member of the Apache UIMA project, and maintainer of the Apache uimaFIT library [1].  [1]


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