In case you are interested to join the WN group as a phd student, post-doc, visitor, please, send an e-mail to Boris Bellalta ([email protected]) with a CV, and a motivation letter.

Current members

  • Prof. Boris Bellalta, Head of the WN group (web)
  • Dr. Albert Bel, post-doc & group manager (web)
  • Dr. Rashid Ali, EUTOPIA post-doc (web)
  • Alvaro Lopez, PhD student (web)
  • Marc Carrascosa, PhD student (web)
  • David Nuñez, PhD student (web)
  • Costas Michaelides, PhD student (web)
  • Fernando Maura, Research Engineer (web)

Past members

  • Dr. Konstantinos Dovelos, post-doc researcher at Queen's University Belfast, UK
  • Toni Adame, IoT Research Engineer at i2CAT, Catalunya
  • Dr. Sergio Barrachina-Muñoz, post-doc researcher at CTTC, Spain 
  • Dr. Francesc Wilhelmi, post-doc researcher at CTTC, Spain (web)