Bioacustic Identification of the Olive Fuit Fly


ENTOMATIC addresses a major problem faced by EU Associations of Olive growing SMEs: the Olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae). This insect pest causes yearly economical losses estimated to be almost €600/ha. ENTOMATIC aims to develop a novel stand-alone field monitoring system comprising: a fully autonomous trap with integrated insect bioacoustic recognition embedded in a wireless sensor network and supported by a spatial decision support system.

The ability to quantify and make a precise control of Olive fly populations in a cost-effective way, has been a long desired goal in the Olive sector. The potential offered by ENTOMATIC has SME-AGs and their associated SMEs keen on its development. The expected benefits are the reduction of damage to olive fruit and oil production and to promote the sustainable use of pesticides. Via ENTOMATIC, olive producers will be able to track pest population and geographical status and receive advice on precision pesticide application.

The consortium is composed of SME-AGs of Olive Producers from the EU and Turkey, and lead-user SMEs expert in Pest Management solutions. These will lead the specification, validation, protection, and use of the results generated by the selected RTD providers expert in Entomology, Decision Support Systems, Bioacoustics, Electronics, Signal Processing, IT solutions, Wireless Communications and Prototyping.

ENTOMATIC is a business opportunity identified and championed by the consortium SMEAGs. These will jointly exploit the IP generated in the project with the lead-user SMEs who will be in charge of production and distribution. Both parties will use their own associate and customer networks as initial commercial routes.


Coordinator Address:

Edifici Tànger (Campus de la Comunicació-Poblenou)
Roc Boronat, 138
08018 Barcelona

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