Selected Publications 2020

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  • Wilhelmi, F., Carrascosa, M., Cano, C., Jonsson, A., Ram, V., & Bellalta, B. (2020). Usage of Network Simulators in Machine-Learning-Assisted 5G/6G NetworksarXiv preprint arXiv:2005.08281.
  • Wilhelmi, F., Barrachina-Munoz, S., Bellalta, B., Cano, C., Jonsson, A., & Ram, V. (2020). A flexible machine-learning-aware architecture for future WLANsIEEE Communications Magazine58(3), 25-31.

Selected Publications 2019

  • Wilhelmi, F., Barrachina-Muñoz, S., & Bellalta, B. (2019, October). On the Performance of the Spatial Reuse Operation in IEEE 802.11 ax WLANs. In 2019 IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking (CSCN) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
  • Wilhelmi, F., Cano, C., Neu, G., Bellalta, B., Jonsson, A., & Barrachina-Muñoz, S. (2019). Collaborative spatial reuse in wireless networks via selfish multi-armed bandits. Ad Hoc Networks.
  • Wilhelmi, F., Barrachina-Muñoz, S., Bellalta, B., Cano, C., Jonsson, A., & Neu, G. (2019). Potential and Pitfalls of Multi-Armed Bandits for Decentralized Spatial Reuse in WLANs. Journal of Network and Computer Applications127, 26-42.
  • Barrachina-Muñoz, S., Wilhelmi, F., & Bellalta, B. (2019). Online Primary Channel Selection for Dynamic Channel Bonding in High-Density WLANsIEEE Wireless Communications Letters.
  • Barrachina-Muñoz, S., Wilhelmi, F., & Bellalta, B. (2019). To Overlap or not to Overlap: Enabling Channel Bonding in High-Density WLANs. Computer Networks.
  • López-Raventós, Á., Wilhelmi, F., Barrachina-Muñoz, S., & Bellalta, B. (2019, October). Combining Software Defined Networks and Machine Learning to enable Self Organizing WLANs. In 2019 International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob) (pp. 1-8). IEEE.
  • Barrachina-Muñoz, S., Wilhelmi, F., Selinis, I., & Bellalta, B. (2019, April). Komondor: a wireless network simulator for next-generation high-density WLANs. In 2019 Wireless Days (WD) (pp. 1-8). IEEE.
  • Barrachina-Muñoz, S., Adame, T., Bel, A., & Bellalta, B. (2019, April). Towards energy efficient LPWANs through learning-based multi-hop routing. In 2019 IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) (pp. 644-649). IEEE.

Selected Publications 2018

  • Bellalta, Boris, and Katarzyna Kosek-Szott. "AP-initiated multi-user transmissions in IEEE 802.11 ax WLANs.Ad Hoc Networks (2018)
  • Adame Vázquez, T., Barrachina-Muñoz, S., Bellalta, B., & Bel, A. (2018). HARE: Supporting efficient uplink multi-hop communications in self-organizing LPWANsSensors18(1), 115.
  • Bel, A., Adame, T., & Bellalta, B. (2018). An energy consumption model for IEEE 802.11 ah WLANs. Ad Hoc Networks72, 14-26.

Selected Publications 2017

  • Barrachina-Muñoz, S., & Bellalta, B. (2017, October): Learning optimal routing for the uplink in LPWANs using similarity-enhanced e-greedy. In 2017 IEEE 28th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC); 2017 Oct 8-13; Montreal, Canada.
  • Wilhelmi Roca, F., Bellalta, B., Cano Bastidas, C., & Jonsson, A. (2017): Implications of decentralized Q-learning resource allocation in wireless networks. In 2017 IEEE 28th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC); 2017 Oct 8-13; Montreal, Canada.
  • Sergio Barrachina-Muñoz, Boris Bellalta, Toni Adame, Albert Bel: Multi-hop communication in the uplink for LPWANs. Computer Networks 123: 153-168 (2017)
  • Gabriel Martins Dias, Boris Bellalta, Simon Oechsner: The impact of dual prediction schemes on the reduction of the number of transmissions in sensor networks. Computer Communications 112: 58-72 (2017)
  • Boris Bellalta: Throughput Analysis in High Density WLANs. IEEE Communications Letters 21(3): 592-595 (2017)
  • Azadeh Faridi, Boris Bellalta, Alessandro Checco: Analysis of Dynamic Channel Bonding in Dense Networks of WLANs. IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput. 16(8): 2118-2131 (2017)
  • Luis Sanabria-Russo, Jaume Barceló, Boris Bellalta, Francesco Gringoli: A High Efficiency MAC Protocol for WLANs: Providing Fairness in Dense Scenarios. IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 25(1): 492-505 (2017)

Selected Publications 2016

  • Boris Bellalta, Luciano Bononi, Raffaele Bruno, Andreas Kassler: Next generation IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks: Current status, future directions and open challenges. Computer Communications 75: 1-25 (2016)
  • Ruizhi Liao, Boris Bellalta, Miquel Oliver, Zhisheng Niu: MU-MIMO MAC Protocols for Wireless Local Area Networks: A Survey. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials 18(1): 162-183 (2016)
  • Gabriel Martins Dias, Boris Bellalta, Simon Oechsner: A Survey About Prediction-Based Data Reduction in Wireless Sensor Networks. ACM Comput. Surv. 49(3): 58:1-58:35 (2016)
  • Boris Bellalta, Alessandro Checco, Alessandro Zocca, Jaume Barceló: On the Interactions Between Multiple Overlapping WLANs Using Channel Bonding. IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology 65(2): 796-812 (2016)
  • Boris Bellalta: IEEE 802.11ax: High-efficiency WLANS. IEEE Wireless Commun. 23(1): 38-46 (2016)

Selected Publications 2015

  • Tarek AlSkaif, Manel Guerrero Zapata, Boris Bellalta: Game theory for energy efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks: Latest trends. J. Network and Computer Applications 54: 33-61 (2015)
  • Ruizhi Liao, Boris Bellalta, Miquel Oliver: Modelling and Enhancing Full-Duplex MAC for Single-Hop 802.11 Wireless Networks. IEEE Wireless Commun. Letters 4(4): 349-352 (2015)
  • Luis Sanabria-Russo, Francesco Gringoli, Jaume Barceló, Boris Bellalta: Implementation and experimental evaluation of a Collision-Free MAC protocol for WLANs. ICC 2015: 1036-1042