UPF's International Programs are available for both international study-abroad participants and local students, providing flexible options from short-term to a full academic year. Explore interdisciplinary opportunities tailored to suit your academic journey in Barcelona.

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Why Study at UPF International Programs

Same Standards and Faculty

We uphold the same high standards of teaching and academic rigor as our regular courses, with official UPF faculty members.

Dedicated Assistance

Our staff is ready to assist you with specific issues in your study abroad experience and provide academic advising tailored to your unique needs.

International Networking

Create a network with both local and international peers, which can be invaluable for future professional opportunities

Designed for diversity

Our modules emphasize global perspectives and cultivate essential skills for individuals pursuing international careers.

The Forum on Education Abroad accreditation


UPF International Programs fulfill all the criteria necessary for recognition by The Forum on Education Abroad, showcasing adherence to the Standards of Good Practice. This underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality educational experiences at a standard of excellence that aligns with the broader academic community's expectations and our dedication to ongoing assessment and improvement.

APUNE Partner Institution


As an APUNE Partner Institution, we have an active engagement with our American counterparts and fellow Spanish institutions. By working together, we foster strong relationships that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources, and we leverage collective expertise and diverse perspectives to address shared challenges and pursue common goals.