IT Modules:



Check your access is working (students must be enrolled previously) in order to submit your activities:

The Aula Global is a virtual learning space. PhD in Biomedicine Aula Global groups are divided according to the starting academic year of the program (for generations)

Inside you will find:

ACTIVITIES (Subject content)

- Organised in diferent parts, one for each compulsory activity, with detailed information about all the required activities according to your academic year.

- You'll find access to virtual classes, resources and activities: texts, images, exercises, forums, wikis, qizzes ...

- Compulsory task and how to submit them

- You can also check at the end of each academic year your personal marks


VERY IMPORTANT: Note that you must open and use your Personal File in English. If you are using the Academic Secretary in the Campus Global page in Catalan or Spanish, change language to English by clicking the option on the top of the page (left side) once you enter. Once changed, enter the "Access Document and Research Plan" section in the left-hand menu, then click on "Access to the application" and enter all the information in your Activities Document in English, otherwise the system will not recognize any of the activities you report.