Back The project SkyNote receives the support of UPF INNOValora program for technology transfer

The project SkyNote receives the support of UPF INNOValora program for technology transfer

The project, lead by Rafael Ramirez, is based on an intelligent system to facilitate music performance learning



SkyNote is an intelligent learning system which complements and overcome the limitations of the master-apprentice model by providing real-time feedback on the sound and gestures of music students, allowing them to acquire skills more efficiently. It allows students to detect and correct errors, build awareness of their technique, and practice more efficiently.

Strongly grounded in music pedagogy, SkyNote addresses all stages, from beginner to advanced levels, and all aspects of music instrument learning. The feedback can be
displayed in customized widgets or directly on the musical score, allowing for real-time experimentation and overall performance evaluation.
The research supporting SkyNote goes progress beyond the state-of-the art in technology-enhanced music learning by combining audio analysis, motion capture and artificial intelligence. By applying artificial intelligence techniques to audio and motion data, SkyNote is able to learn from expert multimodal recordings and compare to the student’s performance, as well as to personalise the feedback to the student’s learning progress.

SkyNote has been developed at the Music Technology Group within the TELMI project and has been extensively tested at the Royal College of Music in London and in conservatories with students and teachers of different profiles and levels of expertise. SkyNote can enhance music learning by helping students improve faster and easier, and facilitating the communication of ideas and observations between them and their teachers.

INNOValora program grants 30,000€ to the project and a specialized external mentor will be available to the projects for consultation throughout the period of their implementation. This grant will be used to refine SkyNote to build a robust product and bring such product into the market.

Team members: Rafael Ramírez (head researcher), Sergio Giraldo and David Cabrera Dalmazzo.



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