Back Emilia Gómez and Xavier Serra interviewed in the UPF's magazine 360

Emilia Gómez and Xavier Serra interviewed in the UPF's magazine 360

Faculty members of the MTG Emilia Gómez and Xavier Serra are interviewed in the 4th issue of the UPF’s digital magazine 360.

Imatge inicial

The section “#onsónlesdones?” includes interviews of different members of the UPF community about gender perspective at the university.  In this section Emilia Gómez explains her work on the HUMAINT project  (EU JRC).

“We looked at the impact that AI systems have and will have on human behaviour, mainly on our cognitive and socio-emotional capabilities. One of our first conclusions was the need for the teams that develop AI systems to be diverse for these technologies to be meaningful for everyone.

According to Reuters (2017), the percentage of women in technical roles at the main AI companies is only around 20%. The main problem this poses is that when the developers create their systems, they incorporate – often unconsciously – their own biases and preferences in the various stages of development (Tolan, 2018). As a result, AI systems seem to be biased towards male developers.”

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The magazine also includes a report on Open access. Open access is an international initiative that advocates permanent, free, unrestricted access to scientific output with a view to promoting its accessibility, visibility and impact. That means that anyone in the world can access the content of a scientific article simply by having Internet access. It includes scientific articles, research data and academic papers in general. Open access acknowledges review processes and copyright, as it is offered subject to certain legal conditions to respect intellectual property.

Xavier Serra is the researcher with more articles published in open access in the e-Repository of the UPF. He talks about the importance of the Open access and explains the project Maria de Maeztu.

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