Escola Drassanes Escola Drassanes

DTIC-UPF and Escola Drassanes cooperate in order to promote the exposure of the students to science and technology

  • MOVENT­-SE PEL PASSAT – Workshops where kids (between 10-13 years) get involved in the design of technologies created “for them and by them”. The workshop is designed in cooperation with Refugi307 and led by Marie Monique Schaper, researcher of the Full-Body Interaction Lab at DTIC. It includes sessions during the lunch break around the evaluation and design of games, scratch and a visit to Refugi307 using the interactive material created by the students.
  • SONORITZACIÓ VIDEO - Sound art workshop. Experimentation and creation around sounds using Foley with Phonos Foundation, to create the soundtrack of the film recorded by last-year students as part of the audiovisual project of the school. The school explain it in their blog.

Thanks to the establishment of this cooperation, the school is generating more links with other departments at the university. For instance, the school will collaborate with the project "Mi cuerpo me gusta" (I like my body) from the Department of Communication, targetting the education to students and the families around the messages received by kids about their body, especially from advertising.