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The Wisibilízalas contest for schools, special distinction at equit@t awards

Wisibilízalas, the contest launched to students (boys and girls) in Spain to work on spanish female profiles currently working on he digital economy, has received the special distinction from the COEINF (the professional association of Computer Science Engineers)  the equit@t contest, organised by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) to recognise the best initiatives in Spain, Portugal and Latin America that seek to increase the visibility of women in technology.


KOLUMBA, prototype web-based e-mail client for people with disabilities, awarded at Web for All congress

KOLUMBA, a prototype web-based e-mail client for people with intelectual disabilities developed in the context of the Able to Include project, awarded the Best Communication Award at W4A conference (2-4 April, Perth, Australia)



Dmytro Derkach, Adrià Ruiz and Federico Sukno (CMTech) won the FG2017 Head Pose Estimation Challenge at FG2017

Dmytro Derkach, Adrià Ruiz and Federico Sukno (CMTech) won the FG2017 Head Pose Estimation Challenge at FG2017 with a system that is able to estimate head pose using only depth information from consumer RGB-D cameras such as Kinect 2


Francesco Ronzano wins the 1st Language Technologies Hackathon at 4YFN

‘TextDigester’, an application that automatically generates textual summaries presented by Francesco Ronzano (Natural Language Technologies Group at DTIC), has won the ‘I Language Technologies Hackathon’. The final took place in the context of the ‘4 Years From Now’ event. Francesco received the award from the Secretary of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda, José María Lasalle.


ERC Consolidator Grants awarded to Albert Guillén and Toni Ivorra

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Toni Ivorra and Albert Guillén with their prestigious Consolidator Grants, to support the projects "Electronic AXONs: wireless microstimulators based on electronic rectification of epidermically applied currents" and ”Information Theory with Uncertain Laws” during the next 5 years.


The IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) 2016 - Dec 12-15, Barcelona

The IEEE International Conference on Data Mining series (ICDM) takes place in Barcelona between Dec 12-15 with the involvement of several members of DTIC-UPF in its organization.


Celebrating the Science Week! Collaborative and participatory data-driven social action

Between Nov 11th-20th the Science Week takes place in Catalonia (Setmana de la Ciència). Our Department joins the celebration with collaborative activities with a wide range of stakeholders, most of them in the context of strengthening the role of academia in collaborative and participatory actions linked to our Strategic Research Program.


The 13th European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning

The 13th European workshop on reinforcement learning (EWRL 2016) invites reinforcement-learning researchers to participate in the newest edition of this world class event. It takes place at UPF on December 3rd-4th. The workshop is organised by Gergely Neu, Vicenç Gómez (both from the AI group at DTIC-UPF) and Csaba Szepesvari.


Seminar on music knowledge extraction using machine learning

Taking advantage of the researchers coming to Barcelona for the NIPS conference (, we are organizing this small and informal seminar at the UPF. The goal is to have an open discussion on various topics related to machine learning applied to music, but putting special emphasis on the knowledge extraction aspects of it. Registration open.


Join DTIC in the context of ”la Caixa” - INPhINIT fellowships for doctoral studies at Spanish Research Centres of Excellence

INPhINIT recruits per call 57 Early-Stage Researchers of any nationality, who enjoy a 3-year employment contract at the Research Centre of their choice among those selected and awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness ("Severo Ochoa" centres of excellence and "Maria de Maeztu" units of excellence) and the Spanish Ministry of Health ("Carlos III centres of excellence")

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