STEAM families

We work to prepare all students to act as full citizens in our technology-rich world. Bretxes Digitals represents an evolution of the activities started with Makers a les aules, in cooperation with Barcelona Activa, expanding the engagement activites with students and teachers in primary schools to also reach families.  

For this, we will follow different approaches, in close cooperation with different schools and stakeholders:

1 - #RavalKM0. Tot Raval Foundation has been several years leading the project to have christmas lights at the streets of the Raval quarter that reproduce images of its neighbours and workers. A group of students of Escola Castella have started within Makers a les aules to design an app that augments the experience for visitors with additional information. During 2020, a group of families in Escola Castella and Escola Drassanes will further work to enrich the prototypes.

- The first session took place in collaboration with CCCB at the Zooom space of the Gameplay exhibition

2 - American Space: We have contributed since its beginnings to make the American Space hosted at the Ignasi Iglesias - Can Fabra Library an inspirational place that equips youth with the skills and resources to pursue studies in STEM fields. During February and March, the action "Makers in família", families will work on future technological scenarios, with the objective of thinking, prototyping and debating potential futures.

Makers en família (Feb - Mar 2020).

3 - Institut Milà i Fontanals: Following the outstanding cooperation with the center with RAVALSTEAM, in this case we will train students from this high school and the neighbouring Escola Ferrán Sunyer during a term so that they are able to later lead the training and debate with the families in those center around "Roboethics" and the use of technologies such as micro:bit or 3D printing available in them.

4 - Escola Anglesola: This is a recently created public school. In close cooperation with the team of teachers in the school, we will promote technological activities with the families with kids in P5 (5 year-old girls and boys) to support the relevance of

5 - Projects led by Parent-Teachers Associations: We will start pilot projects to support PTAs as supporters of STEAM education in their centers. The first PTAs will be the ones at Escola Sant Martí and Escola Ferran Sunyer, linking the activities with the broader existing STEAM programs at those schools.

6 - Expert families: Sessions with groups of families with professionals of the STEAM world, to promote their involvement in the STEAM education of their kids, and their role as leaders in their communities

- DTIC Kids 24/02/2020 at UPF

The activities are designed and developed by Aurelio Ruiz (global coordination), Marie Monique Schaper (1, 2, 5) and Cristina Valero (3), from UPF and co-founders of CosiCosa, eXplorium (4) and the TIDE research group at UPF (6).