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Curriculum 2018-2019






Compulsory courses (25 ECTS):

  • Fundamentals of Political and Social Research (Aina Gallego)
  • Idioms of Analysis in Political Science (Jaume López)
  • Techniques of Statistical Analysis I (Group I - Sandra Bermúdez, Group II - Jorge Rodríguez)
  • Techniques of Statistical Analysis II (Group I - Aïda Solé, Group II - Bruno Arpino)
  • Master Thesis Seminar (Carolina Galais)


Optional courses (all courses are 5 ECTS, students must choose 3 courses):

  • Electoral Systems (Ignacio Lago)
  • Federalism and Federations: Political Theory and Comparative Politics (Klaus-Jürgen Nagel)
  • The Current Financial and Economic Crises and their Impact on the Social Wellbeing of Populations (Vicenç Navarro)
  • Research and Data Analysis Seminar (Jordi Gumà)
  • The Construction of the EU and its Consequences on the European Population (Javier Arregui)
  • Migration and Society: Socioeconomic and Political Dimensions of the Integration Process (Pau Baizán)
  • Qualitative Research Methods (Evren Yalaz)
  • Democracy and Political Liberalism: Theoretical and Institutional Features (Ferran Requejo)
  • Actors and Institutions in the Analysis of Public Policies (Visnja Vukov)
  • Citizenship and Democracy in the European Union (Mariano Torcal)
  • Comparative Political Economy: Regimes, Conflict and Development (Abel Escribà)
  • Social Psychological Approaches to Society and the Individual (Verònica Benet-Martínez)
  • Multilevel Political Competition: Parties, Citizens and Elections (Carolina Galais)
  • Labor Market and Employment Policies (Luis Ortíz)