State-of-the-art in theory, methodology and integration between theory and methodology in political sciences

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The Master helps you to answer questions such as: Which is the impact of democracies for economic growth?

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You will gain expertise and proficiency in the ability to reach decisions based on the analysis and synthesis of information and data

What is it?

This is a one-year Master programme in which students will deepen their knowledge of political science and research methods. During the first two terms, students follow core classes in research methods and choose optional classes from a wide range of specialized seminars in the areas of comparative politics, policy analysis, political theory, political behaviour, and methods. The modules also cover a large variety of themes and trending topics in modern international politics  such as EU integration, Ecology, Gender or Migration. The third term is dedicated to writing your own final research project in the form of a final Master Thesis.

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Why studying Political Science?

The relationship between Politics and Society has changed greatly since the advent of globalization and the spread of the modern digitalization process. International countries and their populations are increasingly facing a large array of challenges at multiple levels. Practical examples from the XXI century are new political regime preferences (i.e. populism), progressive debates on human rights (i.e. gender & equality) or even transnational issues now requiring more integrated responses at the international level (i.e. environmental dangers or global pandemics)

However, studying political science at university is much more than just becoming acquainted with the understanding of current affairs and daily debates at the national and international level. It is rather about investigating why things happen and when they do, trying to decipher explanatory mechanisms that provide meaning and motivations in global phenomena.

Furthermore, it does this as a multifaceted subject continuosuly overlapping with other disciplines (i.e. Economics, Geography, History, Law, etc.). Political Science is therefore concerned with developing critical knowledge directly relevant to the management of thf complex, organisational societies we all live in. Through the production of systematic knowledge, experts of the discipline hope to be able to take part with or at least assist policy-makers in the construction of more attractive and viable societies in the future


Who is the MA for?

This master’s programme is designed for students who are interested in political science research. It prepares students for positions in the public or private sector, which demand strong analytical skills, as well as the ability to design and conduct research projects. This master is also ideal for students who aim to pursue a PhD.

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