Prospects for Future Employment 

  • Professional practice in political institutions and public authorities at the local, regional, national and European Union levels.
  • Consulting for private sector companies that work with public organizations or on matters related to the public sector.
  • Research & Study offices of political organizations, trade unions and interest groups at the local, regional, national and European Union levels.
  • Advising and management of non-governmental organizations.
  • Academic Career through teaching and research at universities and higher education institutions.

Examples of Professional Positions

  • Policy or Research Analyst (government agencies, think tanks, international organizations)
  • Civil Servant in National, European and International Administrations/Organizations
  • Project Manager / Consultant for private sector companies working in collaboration with policy-makers and stakeholders
  • Journalist or Correspondent in Political Affairs (coupled with previous/further specialization) 

Towards an Academic Career 

  • The Political Science Section of the UPF has a PhD program in Political Science open to excellent students who wish to do rigorous empirical research in the area. Applicants are required to hold an MA in Research in Political Science or related field in the Social Sciences with extensive methodological training, equivalent to the MA in Research in Political Science offered by the Section.
  • The PhD program lasts normally four years, with a first year dedicated to acquiring further training, if needed, and to prepare the PhD proposal. Students are closely supervised by one or two members of staff and participate fully in the academic life of the Section. We make an effort to support financially our students by offering several PhD research and teaching scholarships. Our PhD program has a solid international reputation. Some of our PhD students have started a brilliant career which has taken them to universities of international prestige, such as Princeton, Yale or LSE.