One of the greatest challenges that humanity currently faces is the Ecosocial Crisis. At the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center, we have research groups working on issues relating to climate and other environmental challenges and policies, aiming to analyse and tackle the problems being faced in these areas. The research is focused on two themes: Climate Change and Wellbeing, and Environmental Transformations, Conflict, and Politics

Some issues under research are:

  • Analyzing the eco-social crisis, degrowth and their impacts on inequalities, health and quality of life.
  • Analyzing policies for just and ecologically sustainable societies, as well as proposals such as the Green New Deal and Degrowth, and attitudes towards socio-ecological transformation.
  • Searching for a new ecosocial model of housing.
  • Understanding the political economy of fair and sustainable development.
  • Developing new social and biophysical indicators to understand the ecosocial reality of the planet.

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Climate & Health Newsletter

The Center also produces a monthly Climate & Health newsletter, informing readers of the latest news and scientific developments relating to Climate and Health. All previous editions of this newsletter are available here.