One of the issues addressed by the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center are the social determinants in health which are systematic and unfair differences between population groups, caused by social structures and the impact of political, economic and legal frameworks on those groups. Poorer classes have fewer resources to nourish themselves appropriately, their work conditions are at increased risk, they do not have adequate housing and have poorer access to health services and / or these services are of poorer quality. All these conditions have negative effects on their health and increase mortality rates. These differences can be avoided and reduced if there are strong, high-quality state services. The JHU-UPF Public Policy Center works both to reveal what these determinants and their dynamics are and to develop mechanisms to reduce their impact.

Some issues included in this research line are:

  • Studying social determinants, inequalities in health/quality of life in the US and Europe.
  • The implementation of effective policy governance and “health in all policies”.
  • The emergence of new global pandemics.
  • The global obesity pandemic.
  • Explaining deaths of despair due to drug use, violence and addictions.
  • Health equity in sustainable cities.
  • Understanding the ‘iceberg’, evolution and mechanisms of gender violence.
  • Analyzing global health inequalities research capacities.