Building Europe And Its Impact On Wellbeing

In recent years, the pillars on which the European Union has been built are staggering, mainly due to economic and political reasons. Recently, there have been several signs demonstrating that the EU lacks strong, coordinated and powerful institutions to face the different challenges that affect populations. Climate change, refugee crises, and immigration are some of the topics that need an urgent and a global response from a collective and European point of view.

More research focused on European Union negotiation, decision-making and implementation processes needs to be conducted. For this purpose, PPC researchers, both from Pompeu Fabra University and Johns Hopkins University (who have studied the development of the United States as a federal state), are addressing those and other issues in the Working Group on the impact of the economic, financial, and political integration of the European Union on the well-being of European populations.

Member researchers: Javier Arregui, Andrea Noferini, Visnja Vukov.

See selected publications here.