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Planetary Wellbeing Seminar Series



More than 32% of fungal, plant, and animal species are threatened with extinction. In the middle of the sixth mass extinction, only a small fraction (<1%) of the ∼35,500  species assessed as threatened with extinction have any kind of digital genomic record. In this talk, I will discuss the main global efforts initiated to generate digital and molecular legacies of many species and illustrate how genomic and molecular archives can contribute to the many fronts to preserve this biodiversity for future generations.

The first seminar will take place next week:


 13.00 -14.00 h

 40.113 (Roger de Llúria building. Campus Ciutadella)

Speaker: Tomas Marques, Comparative Genomics Lab  (IBE- CSIC/UPF)

"Global efforts for a digital and molecular Noah's Ark. New efforts to preserve biodiversity"


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