Back Mocnik, Nena


EUTOPIA postdoctoral researcher
Nena Mocnik is Maria Skłodowska Curie EUTOPIA-SIF COFUND Postdoctoral Fellow and a first Digital Humanism Fellow (awarded by Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action and IWM Vienna). As a researcher, educator and community worker, she is interested in the topics of collective traumas, identity (gender) violence, and art-based sociotherapy. In her current participatory action research, she explores the rapidly expanding internet and digital realms to offer solutions in reproductive health-related knowledge and community support to refugee mothers in displacement.

She is the author of two monographs (Trauma Transmission and Sexual Violence: Reconciliation and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Settings, 2021) and her first book "Sexuality after War Rape: From Narrative to Embodied Research" (Routledge 2017) was awarded Bank of Montreal Award in Women's Studies (University of Ottawa, 2018). She was recipient of several fellowships including EnTe Fellowship (New Europe College, Bucharest, 2016-2017), ICNC-Fletcher Institute for the Advanced Study of Nonviolent Conflict (Tufts University, 2016), Brown International Advanced Research Institute Fellowship (Brown University, 2015) and Fulbright Visiting Scholar Fellowship (University of Southern California, 2014).
In 2018, she was invited as the external expert at EUROCLIO - European Association of History Educators, developing experiential and embodied pedagogical practices in history teaching. With financial support of the European Commission - European Remembrance program, and 7 university and NGO partners, she initiated and led a project "#Never Again Teaching Transmission of Trauma and Remembrance through Experiential Learning". She was an editor-in-chief of special isues 'Lessons from Sexual Violence in Mass Atrocity Crimes: Toward Preventive Pedagogies in History Education' (2021); 'Secondary Trauma in Field-Based Social Research' and an edited handbook 'Engaging with Historical Traumas: Experiential Learning and Pedagogies of Resilience (Routledge 2021).
In addition to academic work, she regularly volunteers as a humanitarian worker in grass-root local charities.