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The project

This research project proposes to analyse the concept of solidarity included in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights from a comparative perspective. The idea is to audit labour policies, with this comparative approach, considering the frameworks placed by delaboralization, invididualization, digitalisation and social protection.



Julia López López.- UPF

Eusebi Colàs-Neila.- UPF

Alexandre de le Court.- UPF 

Josep Fargas Fernández.- UPF

Nuria Pumar Beltrán.- UB

Tania Bazzani.- UPF

Gian Guido Balandi.- Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Rui Branco.- Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Keith Ewing.- King’s College London 

Tiago Fernandez..- Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Guy Mundlak.- Tel-Aviv University

Tonia Novitz.- University of Bristol

Mia Rönmar.- Lund University

Reingard Zimmer.- Berlin School of Economics and Law