Labour Law Research Network Inaugural Conference

13-15 June 2013 - UPF, Barcelona

Organized by the Labour Law Research Network and greDTiSS 


LLRN Inaugural Conference

Members of greDTiSS participated in the following panels of the conference:

Opening Plenary Panel : Austerity and Labour Law: Recent Developments in Spain

  • Chair: F. Ebert (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Germany)
  • Flexiprecarity: A Spanish Version of Flexicurity - J. López, S. Canalda & A. de le Court (Pompeu Fabra University)
  • Austerity Measures and the Regression of Social Rights: The Recessionary Effect in the Right to Dignity - C. Chacartegui (Pompeu Fabra University)
  • Crisis and Labour Market in Spain - B. Suárez Corujo (Autonomous University Madrid)
  • The New Spanish Labour Legislation M.R. Alarcón (Spanish Supreme Court)
  • Discussant: R. Fishman (University Of Notre Dame, USA)

The Notion of Worker and Segmentation of Rights (Roundtable)

  • Chair: F. Valdés Dal-Ré (Justice, Spanish Constitutional Court); organized by J. López (Consolidated Research Group in Labour and Social Security Law, Pompeu Fabra University)
  • Panelists:
    • J. López. C. Chacartegui & E. Colàs (Pompeu Fabra University)
    • M. Freedland (University of Oxford)
    • K. Stone (University of California, Los Angeles)
    • B. Caruso (University of Catania, Italy)
    • P. Benjamin (University of Cape Town)
    • G. Davidov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    • B. Langille (University of Toronto)
    • J. Fargas (Pompeu Fabra University)

Austerity, Gender and Labour Law

  • Chair: C. Chacartegui (Pompeu Fabra University); organized by J. Fudge (University of Victoria, Canada)
  • Where is Gender in Labour Law? Notes From an Expanding Field - K. Rittich (University of Toronto)
  • Towards a More Holistic Vision of Working Time? Revision of the Working Time Directive as a Litmus Test for EU's Commitment to Gender Equality - A. Zbyszewska (University of Victoria, Canada)
  • Beyond Flexibility? Legal Form and Temporal Rationalities in UK Worklife - E. Grabham (University of Kent, UK)
  • Effects of the Economic Crisis on Gender Equality: the Spanish Case - Mª. L. Rodríguez Fernández (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain)

Labour Law and New Technologies (Room 40.008)         

  • Chair: A. Kun (Karoli Gaspar University, Hungary)
  • Social Networking: New Challenges in the Modern Workplace - A. Muñoz Ruiz (Carlos III University of Madrid)
  • Collective Labour rights 2.0: Emerging threats and opportunities in the digital age - E. Colàs (Pompeu Fabra University)
  • Chilling Times: Labour Law and the Regulation of Social Media Policies - L. Thornthwaite (Macquarie University, Australia)