2nd meeting The notion of worker and segmentation of rights

The notion of worker and segmentation of rights


Day: 12 June 2013, from 11.00 am until 7.00 pm

Room: 40.039 (Roger de Llúria)


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Mark Freedland (St John's College, Oxford University)

The Segmentation of Rights and the Legal Analysis of Personal Work Relations

Julia López, Chelo Chacartegui & Eusebi Colàs

Undermining Spain's Floor of Minimal Labor Rights: The Proliferation of Legal Codes and Status Outcomes

Paul Benjamin

A Tale of Two (Or More) Employers: Regulating Multi-Party Employment Relationships

Bruno Caruso

Difficult choices in times of crisis: how balancing  reasonable flexible work and right to work

Guy Davidov

Setting Labour Law's Coverage: Between Universalism and Selectivity

Brian Langille

How Much Segmentation Do We Need in Labour Law?

Katherine V.W. Stone

The Decline in the Standard Employment Contract: A Review of the Evidence

Bob Hepple


Harry Arthurs 




"Noción legal de trabajador y segmentación de derechos sociales" [I+D Ref. DER 2010-18850]