Birce Altiok

  • Institutional affiliation: 
  • Research keywords: Afghan and Syrian refugees, forced migration, integration, Mediterranean migration, return, Turkey. 

Mauricio Ambrosini

Gemma Aubarell Solduga

  • Institutional affiliation: Head of Mediterranean Relations and European Networks Service. Ministry for Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency at the Government of Catalonia, (Catalonia, Spain).
  • Research keywords: Euromed Migration Policies, Intercultural citizenship, migration governance and regional and local actors, regional cooperation.

Franz Burh

  • Institutional affiliation: Researcher at Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT), Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal).
  • Research keywords: Infrastructures, navigation, urban change, urban mobilities.

Amandine Desille

Samir Djelti

Alina Esteves

Lorenzo Gabrielli

Mohsen Manouchehri

  • Institutional affiliation:
  • Research keywords: Climate change-induced migration, immigration policy, resiliency of cities and migration.

Iván Martín

Jenniffer McGarrigle

Sílvia Morgades

Maissam Nimer

  • Institutional affiliation: Postdoctoral researcher at Paris Nanterre University, Labex PasP (France).
  • Personal web
  • Research keywords: Civil society, education, forced migration, gender, humanitarian assistance, labour.

Stefania Panebianco

Karolina Sobczak-Szelc

Paul Tabar

Juan Carlos Triviño

Gerasimos Tsourapas

Ayselin Yıldız

  • Institutional affiliation:
  • Research keywords: Externalisation, irregular migration, migrant smuggling, readmission, sea border controls in the Mediterranean, skills recognition, Turkey.

Ayman Zohry

  • Position: PhD, Expert on Population and Migration Studies based in Cairo (Egypt).
  • Personal web
  • Research keywords: Egypt, internal migration, international migration, irregular migration, labor migration, migration policies, migration statistics, population studies.