The main purpose of National Workshops is to bring scholarly knowledge and expertise on a concrete topic related to Mediterranean Migration national agenda, and promote dialogue with main national stakeholders, policy-makers and politicians.


National Workshops´ Themes and Schedule

Provisional Date Partner Institution Provisional Topic

April 2020

University of Sousse, Tunisia Migration policies of North African countries towards third country citizens.
October 2020 CEDEM - University of Liege, Belgium Migration, reception and emerging forms of solidarity in Mediterranean cities.
January 2021 IGOT - Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal Smart cities and migration.
June/July 2021 AMERM, Rabat, Morocco New patterns of migration in the Mediterranean: North-South.
January 2022 MiReKoc - Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey Weak states, state failure and irregular migration: Root causes of irregular flows in the Eastern Mediterranean.
May 2022 URMIS, University of Nice, France

Mediterranean migrants:  Media narratives, realities and fake news.

More information will be available soon.