The Research Internship (RI) is a course offered during the 2nd year by the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (ICIS) at Radboud University (RU) and at the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DTIC) at the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

The goal of the RI is for the student to gain experience in their future work field, in academia or industry. It also allows the student to find out about a prospective work environment and some experience in carrying out a larger individual project as preparation for the Master's Thesis. Depending on the student's interests and Master's specialisation, the student can do the Research Internship internally in one of the research groups at UPF or RU or externally at some company or organisation in the industry or the public sector.

Students can also do a RI in an academic setting outside the ICIS / DTIC, for instance, in a research group in another faculty of UPF or RU or at another university.

Finally, the RI can also be done abroad. In this case, special planning is required. Irrespective of the type of project, the student will always need a supervisor who is an ICIS / DTIC academic staff member (i.e. an assistant, associate, or full professor).



Before September, you need to know whether you want to enrol in the internship or not. If yes, you need to know where and inform us in advance.


Internships offered by professors from the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) at Pompeu Fabra University

Professor Research Topics
Pablo Arias Martinez Image and Video Restoration, Self-supervised Learning, Bayesian Estimation, Generative Models, Diffusion Models
Coloma Ballester Computer Vision, Multimodal scene understanding from video, Unsupervised learning
Bart Bijnens Cardiovascular Diseases, Clinical Decision Support, Manifold Learning, Multiple Kernel Learning
Miguel Calvo-Fullana Reinforcement Learning, Constrained Learning, Multi-agent, Connected Autonomy, Optimization
Josep Font-Segura Constellation Design for Optical Communications, Error Probability in 6G Wireless Communications, DNA-Based Storage, Deep Learning Information Theory, Signal Processing and Information Theory in Machine Learning
Vicenç Gómez Reinforcement Learning, Automated Planning, Probabilistic Inference, Large Language Models, Social Networks
Gloria Haro Computer Vision, Multimodal analysis, 3D Reconstruction, Sports Video Analysis
Gergely Neu Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning Theory, Sequential Decision making, Online Learning, Statistical Learning Theory
Miquel Oliver Data Analysis and Prediction, Transport System, Blockchain
Narcis Pares HCI, Mixed Reality, Embodied Interaction, Learning, Autism, Heritage
Gemma Piella Medical Image Analysis, Computer Vision for Medical Applications, Explainability, Uncertainty Quantification, Generative models
Manuel Portela Charnejovsky Privacy-preserving data-mining, Geospatial Data Modelling, Responsible Data Sharing Practices
Javier Segovia Aguas Automated Planning, Reinforcement Learning, Program Synthesis


Internships offered by Pompeu Fabra University

Amazon Machine Learning Research and Development Centre in Barcelona

Contact person: Antonio Bonafonte

Applications should be done in December/January. More info here.


Koa Health

Contact person: Roger Garriga Calleja 



Contact person: Daniel Arteaga

More info here.



Fundació Eurecat

Contact person: Joan Mas-Albaigès



Internships offered by Radboud University

More information here. For further details and procedures, please contact the Local Coordinator at Radboud University, Professor Stjepan Picek.