Cost of living

An estimate of living costs for the cities hosting EMAI students is shown below. Use them as a guide only. They vary depending on individual lifestyle and spending habits.

The data shown is partially based on numbeo.

Facilities & Support Services

Students registered in the EMAI Programme will have full access to all academic, welfare and other support services provided by the Partners. Before the programme, the master secretariat at UPF Barcelona jointly with the Master Admissions Office at UPF as coordinating partner will provide support in arranging accommodation, support with visa procedures and residence permits for non-EU students, and support with legal and financial matters to open a bank account for those holding scholarships, and any other if needed.


Health insurance

All our students, regardless of their scholarship status, will benefit from comprehensive health and accident insurance covering the whole length of the programme, which can also be extended to their family members (in that case, extra costs are borne by the student).