Welcome Event in Barcelona

The first joint event is the Barcelona Welcome Event organised by UPF. This is the first meeting of all EMAI students and academic staff and its role is to introduce students to the Programme mechanisms and to start the socialisation within the EMAI community. In the Welcome Event students will meet with representatives from some Associated Partners to get in touch with real-world challenges and discuss about their possible choices of specialisations, and connections to their future professional environment.


Spring Meeting

The Spring Event is organised in an alternate manner by one of the four universities. This will be a space where first and second year EMAI students will meet each other and share their experience and build the community of EMAI students. First year students will practise their debating skills in the context of the presentation of their thesis projects proposals and engage in valuable feedback in the presence of their peers and academic experts. Second year students will be given the possibility to show and discuss in the group the progress they have made in their thesis preparation. All students will also participate in an intensive training in research methods, with special emphasis in the human-centric perspective of AI.


Summer School

The Summer School is organised by the UCL Centre in AI. Students will receive entrepreneurship training and have the opportunity to meet industry experts from companies with deep technical expertise in AI. Academic representatives from the Partner Universities will attend the event as well and will use this occasion to give students important academic feedback and will also meet their counterparts from the EMAI consortium. In July 2024, the Summer School will take place at the UCL Centre in AI in central London and will span over three days. During these days, the students will attend presentations from leading researchers in AI and training on topics of AI Ethics and regulation, AI Entrepreneurship, and AI for Good projects. The school will also include panel sessions with student participation, successful AI entrepreneurs, and discussion sessions about the future of AI.