Name Dissertation Supervisor Date Completed Placement
Ebell, Monique "Business Cycle Asymetries and ARCH Volatility" Prof. Albert Marcet September 2000 Humboldt University Berlin
Einarsson, Bjarni "Essays in Macroeconometrics" Prof. Geert Mesters October 2023 Central Bank of Iceland
Eksi, Ozan "Lower Volatility, Higher Inequality: Are They Related?" Prof. Thijs van Rens June, 2010 TOBB University of Economics and Technology (From September 2010 on)
Ellingsen, Sebastian "Essays in Applied Economics" Prof. Maria Petrova and Prof. Giacomo Ponzetto June, 2021 Dartmouth College (Postdoc) / University of Bristol (Lecturer)
Evans, Christopher "Essays on Monetary Economics" Prof. Jordi Galí and Prof. Davide Debortoli October, 2020 International Monetary Fund
Fabbri, Daniela "Judicial System and Economic Activity" Prof. Xavier Sala-i-Martin November 2001 University of Amsterdam
Fabiani, Andrea "Essays in Empirical Macro-Finance" Prof. Fernando Broner and Prof. Jose Luis Peydró July 2021 Banca d'Italia
Fadinger, Harald "Essays on Trade and Technology" Prof. Jaume Ventura October, 2008 University of Vienna
Faltermeier, Julia "The Return to Capital: New Facts and Interpretation" Prof. Luca Fornaro and Prof. Jaume Ventura May, 2019 International Monetary Fund
Farooqui, Shikeb "The Role of Complementarities in Networks" Prof. Joan de Martí November, 2009 European University Institute (Florence)
Felfe, Andrea Christina "Economic Consequences of Motherhod: The Role of Job Disamenities" Prof. Libertad González July 2008 Universität St. Gallen
Fernández, Rosa Maria "On the links Between Education, Participation and Labour Market Participation" Prof. Xavier Sala-i-Martin October 2000 University of Oxford
Fernandez Bagüés, Manuel "Three Essays on the Economic Theory Approach of Knowledge" Prof. Walter García-Fontes January, 2004 Universidad Carlos III, Madrid
Fernandez Bazán, Fernando "Essays in Health and Development Economics" Prof. Libertad González and Prof. Alessandro Taorzzi June, 2019 Universidad de Piura
Fernández Vidaurreta, Cristina "Essays on Labour Economics: Temporary Contracts, Job Match Quality and Youth Transition to the Labour Market" Prof. Gilles St. Paul and Juanjo Dolado January, 2004 IESE Business School
Ferrero, Giuseppe "Expectations, Interest Rate and Limited Commitment" Prof. Albert Marcet February 2005 Banca d'Italia
Ferroni, Filippo "Essay on Bayesian Estimation of DGSE Models" Prof. Fabio Canova May 2009 Banque de France (Starting September 2009)
Figueiredo, Ana "Essays on the Allocation of Talent" Prof. Isaac Baley and Prof. Jan Eeckhout September, 2018 Erasmus School of Economics
Fleiss, Pablo "Essays on Trade, Productivity, and Specialitzation" Prof. Antonio Ciccone January, 2010 International Labour Organization (UN)
Flores, Jairo "Essays in Time Series Econometrics" Prof. Geert Mesters March, 2023 Banco Central de Reserva del Perú
Forlati, Chiara "Essays on Monetary, Fiscal and Trade Policy in Open Economies" Prof. Jordi Galí October, 2009 Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Fosfuri, Andrea "Technology Transfers, Spillovers and International Investments" Prof. Massimo Motta June, 1998 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Fouka, Vasiliki "Essays on the Economics of Culture and Identity" Prof. Hans Joachim Voth June, 2015 Stanford University
Fumagalli, Chiara "Oligopoly Models and Competition" Prof. Massimo Motta September 2000 Bocconi University