Name Dissertation Supervisor Date Completed Placement
Abrahám, Árpád "Essays on Dynamic Economics" Prof. Albert Marcet May 2002 European University Institute
Ager, Philipp "Essays in Applied Economics" Prof. Antonio Ciccone June 2013 University of Southern Denmark
Akin, Ozlem "Lessons from Times of Crisis: Anticipation, Risk Taking, and Portfolio Management" Prof. Xavier Freixas / Prof. José Marin / Prof. José Luís Peydró July 2013 Ozyegin University
Aktar, Ipek "Voluntary Disclosure of Negative Information in Corporate Communication: Can Companies Benefit from Disclosing " Prof. Marc Le Menestrel May, 2011  
Albert, Christoph "The Economic Impact, Location Choices and Assimilation of Immigrants" Prof. Regis Barnichon and Prof. Albrecht Glitz September 2018 CEMFI
Almeida, Rita "Essays on Labor Market and Productivity" Prof. Antonio Ciccone, UPF January, 2004 IZA, Institute of Labor, Bonn
Alvarez, Jose Fernando "Optimization Algorithms for Maritime Terminal and Fleet Management" Prof. Helena Ramalhinho September, 2008 Det Norske Veritas (Norway)
Ambrocio, Gene "Essays on Learning, Information, and Expectations in Macroeconomics and Finance" Prof. Fernando Broner and Prof. Alberto Martin September, 2015 Bank of Finland
Amodio, Francesco "Essays in Applied Microeconomics" Prof. Albrecht Glitz and Prof. Massimo Motta June, 2015 McGill University
Andonova, Veneta "Communication Technologies: Commercial Adoption and Institutional Environment" Prof. Benito Arruñada Sánchez, UPF December, 2004 Universidad de Los Andes
Anguera, Oriol "Essays in Applied Economics

Prof. Giacomo Ponzetto and Prof. Nicola Gennaioli

June, 2016 CETT- UB
Antelo, Fátima "Managerial Opportunism, US Conveyancing and Blockchain" Prof. Benito Arruñada October, 2019 UPF (PostDoc)
Aparicio, Ainhoa "The Spanish Labor Market: Temporary Employment, Immigration and the Construction Boom" Prof. Libertad Gonzalez July, 2010 Collegio Carlo Alberto (From September 2010 on)
Artiles, Miriam "Essays on Long-Run Economic Development and Political Economy" Prof. Marta Reynal-Querol and Prof. Luigi Pascali July, 2020 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Baertsch, Laurenz Essays on Inequalities in Economics of Labor and Education Prof. Caterina Calsamiglia March, 2023 OECD (Employment, Labor and Social Affairs Division)
Bailen, Jose Maria "Research, Education and the Policy of Growth" Prof. Luis Rivera Batiz June 1995 Universidad Cardenal Herrera
Bauducco, Sofia "Optimal Policy, Heterogeneity and Limited Commitmentns" Prof. Albert Marcet July, 2009 Central Bank of Chile (Starting September, 2009)
Bellés, Cristina "Essays in Education and Health Economics" Prof. Robin Hogarth and Prof. Marc Vorsatz (UNED) September, 2017 Universitat de Girona
Berger, Stefan "Regulation of Intellectual Property Rights and Trade" Prof. Jaume Ventura September, 2010 NERA
Bohórquez, Diego "Essays in International Macro-Finance and Banking" Prof. Luca Fornaro and Prof, Alberto Martin June 2024 Banca d'Italia
Bover, Neus "Three Essays on Contract Theory" Prof. Diego Rodríguez December 2002  
Bozovic, Milos "Risks in Commodity and Currency Markets" Prof. Branko Urosevic, University of Belgrade April, 2009 University of Belgrade (Starting October 2009)
Brassiolo, Pablo "Essays on the Economic of Family Formation, Dissolution and Bargaining" Prof. Libertad Gonzalez May, 2012 Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)
Brouwer, Claire "Mirrors with Unflattering Reflections: Moral Rebels as Fuel for Social Inertia or Social Change?" Prof. Gert Cornelissen and Prof. Jan Willem Bolderdijk March, 2023 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (PostDoc)
Brückner, Markus "Esays in Macroeconomics" Prof. Fabio Canova and Evi Pappa November, 2010  
Brutti, Filippo "Essays on Sovereign Debt Crises and Macroeconomic Volatility" Prof. Jaume Ventura and Fernando Broner February, 2010 Study Center Gerzensee
Buono, Ines "Essays on Trade Integration and Firm Dynamics" Prof. Jaume Ventura October, 2008 Banca d'Italia
Bussoli, Patrizia "Innovation R&D Cooperation, FDI and Outsourcing" Prof. Luis Rivera Batiz December 1999 Deutsche Bank, London