In this section, you will find some sources which may help you as a teacher, for example: an on line magazine addressed to all teachers which covers all topics related to education and teaching development (methodologies, evaluation...) as well as other material from different seminars and conferences.

  • Masterclass "Go Rebel: Use the Collective Creativity of Groups" 
  • Material of the seminar about "Strategies to foster student's activity inside and outside the classroom" realised on June 26th by Davinia Hernández-Leo, director of the USQUID-ESUP. Click here (in Spanish).
  • USQUID-ESUP publishes a glossary of terms related to the alignment of competence-methodology-evaluation. It is the result of the work carried out by the members of the AlineaME project. If you wish to consult that glossary, please click here

  • Guidelines for competence assessment in Engineering and Architecture. The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU). Click here
  • Profesorado: revista de currículum y formación del profesorado. Click here

Resources for Self-training (Formación on-line-CQUID)

On this page (CQUID-Formación-Autoformación) you will find some resources designed to work different issues as, for example, communication. Here are some examples of resources available:

  • COMComunicar: is a tutorial interactive audiovisual to help university teachers during the assessment processes about oral presentations in order to increase its quality.
  • Catalan Courses ( A virtual learning space that makes available all the educational materials to learn Catalan. The course can be done following the free mode or the tutorial mode.
  • Other courses: Such as Mitopencourseware