Welcome to the Political and Social Sciences Academic Coordination Unit (ACU), a dynamic and multidisciplinary unit of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

Our community consists of nearly one hundred researchers in all, including permanent and visiting teaching staff, pre­ and postdoctoral researchers, and other collaborators. Today, it is a well­-established unit at the university, offering the ideal setting and infrastructure to promote top-­quality research and education.

The unit is organized into two scientific sections: Political Sciences and Sociology. The former includes the sub­sections of Social Psychology and Social Science Methodology. The department’s two scientific sections are organized into ten main lines of research, each associated with a different research group.

The Political and Social Sciences Academic Coordination Unit stands out for:

  • a high­quality teaching model designed to support students,
  • its excellent research,
  • its international focus and composition,
  • the quality of its programmes,
  • its support for student mobility and exchanges, and
  • its cross­disciplinary educational activities.

Our unit strives to promote a diverse and plural community, a multicultural environment, and the presence of women, minorities and people with disabilities in all areas.

On this website, you will find all the information you need about our activities, programmes, research and members. We invite you to explore it thoroughly, to find a research topic that interests you, and to come to Barcelona to join us, whether as a student or a researcher.