The Department of Humanities of Pompeu Fabra University offers the opportunity to carry out research stays to researchers, predoctoral, postdoctoral, junior and senior researchers, from another university or national or foreign research centers. These will be considered for the purposes of the Department as visiting researchers


The purpose of these stays is to promote research in cooperation or under the guidance of teaching and research staff of the Department. 


Visiting researchers status 

Visiting researchers may be persons who have the status of a doctor or predoctoral researcher at another university or research center and who, during the enjoyment of a sabbatical period, study license, mobility programme or other similar situation, ask for a minimum research stay of one month followed and a maximum of two years at Pompeu Fabra University. 

The status of visiting researcher will be incompatible with any type of contract or appointment at Pompeu Fabra University. 


Kinds of visiting researchers

  • Predoctoral visiting researcher: trainee researchers
  • Postdoctoral, junior or senior visiting researcher: researches with doctoral degrees


Groups, specific research centers and study centres


Admission application process

To apply for admission it is necessary to send, at least two months before the start of the stay, duly completed, in the Secretariat of the Department of Humanities the following documentation:

It is necessary the endorsement of a permanent professor with a full-time doctoral degree or a researcher linked to the Department of Humanities, as well as the agreement of the director department.

Once the stay is authorized, the Department will register the investigator as "visiting". The researcher must sign a document of acceptance of the general conditions of their stay. 


Rights and obligations of visiting researchers 

During the research stay, the visiting researcher has the following rights: 

  • To obtain a letter of invitation (expressly request it when having applied for the admission to the programme).
  • To obtain an Identification card. The card allows entry to the office for visiting researchers. 
  • Access to the UPF campus Wi-Fi.
  • Access to UPF computers.
  • Library loan service: you will have the same conditions as any UPF professor (30 simultaneous loan documents, loan network consortium of libraries, interlibrary loan is not free).
  • To obtain at the end of their research period a certificate of stay.

Visiting researchers have the following obligations: 

  • To guarantee their personal expenses, including travel, accommodation, maintenance and medical and accident coverage, as well as obtaining the corresponding visa, if necessary, to carry out their stay. 
  • To pay a fee for the issuance of the certificate of stay, in accordance with the agreement of the Economic Commission of the Social Council of December 14, 2017. The amount to be paid is (VAT included), €90,75 for predoctoral visiting researchers and €181,50 for postdoctoral, junior and senior visiting researchers.
  • To carry out the research activities for which they have requested or accepted the research stay.
  • To respect the start and end dates of the stay. 
  • To quote the Department of Humanities in all publications, papers or conferences resulting from their research. 
  • To allow the publication on the Department of Humanities website of their status as a visiting researcher.
  • To fulfil the rules on ethics, avoiding plagiarism and other fraudulent practices, and respecting the confidentiality of the research projects in which they are involved or of which they have knowledge during their research stay.
  • To observe the operating rules of the University that are applicable. 

Rights and obligations of the Department of Humanities

The Department reserves the right to cancel the research stay if these rules or the general regulations of the Pompeu Fabra University are not respected. 

The Department has the following obligations: 

  • To issue the documentation that certifies the condition of visiting researcher.
  • To issue a certificate of recognition of the stay. 

The Department is not obligated in any case to: 

  • To pay visiting researchers a fee during their stay.
  • To take care of the expenses of travel, accommodation, maintenance, medical insurance or other expenses derived from the stay of the visiting researcher. 




Living in Barcelona


Authorization of stay for research or training activities 

Authorization to stay in Spain for a period of more than ninety days


Humanities Department visiting researchers


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