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Electronic voting: April 15, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Global Campus Authentication (uNIS/password)

A computer with an Internet connection is required to vote through Global Campus. You will need to identify with the uNIS and the password for Global Campus. It is recommended to change the password if you think someone knows it.

Vote with access to Global Campus can be done with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari browsers, from Windows, linux and Mac OS operating systems.

 Permanent teachers and other contracted academic staff and research staff in training


Enrolled students and the Administration and Services Staff attached to the center do not need to vote because the number of applications submitted has been equal to or less than the number of eligible applications.
For more information, see the "Electoral Processes" section below.

Elections results


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The Humanities Unit of Academic Coordination (UCA) is the unit that coordinates the Humanities Faculty and Department, and is created in order to fulfill tasks that require a group strategy.

  • Director: José Delgado Ribas
  • Dean: Josep Maria Castellà Lidon
  • Vice-Dean: Maria Concepció Janué Miret
  • Vice-Dean: Tamara Djermanovic Tanasijevic
  • Vice-Dean: Hélène Rufat Perelló
  • Deputy Director of Research: Sonia Arribas Verdugo
  • Deputy Director: Daniele Cozzoli
  • Secretary: Joan Pich Mitjana
  • Director of studies: Pere Gifra Adroher
  • Teaching coordinator in Global Studies: Antonio Luna Garcia
  • Teaching coordinator: Eduardo Cairol Carabi
  • Mobility coordinator: Rosa Cerarols Ramirez
  • Director of Innovation: Pol Capdevila Castells
  • Coordinator of the university master's programme in World History: Jorge Luengo Sánchez
  • Coordinator of the university master's programme in Asian-Pacific in a Global Context: Alexandre Coello de la Rosa
  • Coordinator of the university master's programme in Compartive Studies in Literature, Art and Thought: Miquel Berga Bagué
  • Coordinators of the university master's programme in Global Archaeology: Marco Madella and Sandra Monton-Subias
  • Doctoral programme coordinator in History: Josep Maria Fradera Barceló
  • Doctoral programme coordinator in Humanities: Domingo Ródenas de Moya
  • Head of the UGA Miquel J. Sánchez Ginés

Committees Committees