Ordinary call

Resolution and bases | Places offer

  • Apply: From April 22th to April 30th 2024


Extraordinary call

Resolution and bases | Places offer

  • Apply: From June 20th to June 28th 2024

This is a means for admission to undergraduate studies at Pompeu Fabra University for students who have started university studies in Spain and wish to change university or their official university studies, and for students who have started or completed university studies abroad but have not obtained official recognition for their qualification in Spain.



Requirements for admission

  1. Students must have at least 30 or 100 recognised and validated credits in the studies they are applying for, depending on if the credits have been awarded in Spain or abroad respectively. Under no circumstances shall the degree final project be subject to recognition.
  2. Students must have passed 50% of the credits at the university of origin, corresponding to the first year of their studies in the first year of enrolment.
  3. Students must not have exhausted the continuance requirements at their university of origin, with regard to the number of examination sittings.
  4. Students must meet the requirements stipulated in the degree regulations regarding the limits of credit recognition.

If you meet the admission requirements, you need to register  with all the  documentation within the term of the call.

Consult the rules of the call: