4. Kaleidoscope

The change in first person

Coral Regí

We need to change the purpose of education

Coral Regí, head teacher of Escola Virolai in Barcelona

Coral Regí

Educational transformation: from preschool to university

Eduard Vallory, president of the UNESCO Centre of Catalonia and director of Escola Nova 21

Eliud Quintero

The Tec21 model: a challenge-based education model

Eliud Quintero, PhD in Educational Innovation. He has worked as a specialist in educational trends and is curricular design and development specialist, a lecturer and a teacher trainer. He is currently director of the undergraduate degree in Educational Innovation at the Monterrey Institute of Technology (Tecnológico de Monterrey).

Ana Rodera

ICT-driven overhaul of the subject Final Graduation Project

Ana Rodera, international lecturer for the Master’s Degree in Technology and Educational Innovation (MATIE) at the National University of Costa Rica (UNA) and external pedagogical consultant for the EDvolution project

Erika Bullock

How do projects imagining a new direction for education take shape out in the world?

Erika Bullock, project manager at the Standford d.school