The Spanish National ESS Committee was established within the framework of the ESS-SUSTAIN project. This project aims to enhance the sustainability of the ESS ERIC infrastructure in various ways.

The responsibilities of the Spanish National ESS Committee (NEC) are:

(a) to promote the awareness and use of the ESS in Spain generally and more specifically in the academic arena, both in terms of teaching and of research;
(b) to disseminate ESS results in Spain in collaboration with the National Coordination and funders of previous ESS rounds, such as the public release of publications, press reports, organization of events and updates of country pages for Spain on the ESS website;
(c) to support efforts to identify and engage key stakeholders in the planning process of the Spanish affiliation to ESS ERIC;
(d) to consider and establish the Spanish NEC on a longer-term footing.

With the objective to promote the use of the ESS, the Committee and the National Coordination Team organized the 1st Spanish ESS Congress and initiated the development of language-specific ESS data. The application was developed by the ESS Core Scientific Team based at RECSM, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, with support of the ESS ERIC headquarters. With this app users can download the data of every ESS round, as well as the integrated ESS1-8 file, with all the variable and value labels in Spanish in SPSS and Stata format. The application can be accessed here

Members of the Spanish National ESS Committee

Mariano Torcal (UPF, Barcelona) - Chair

Edurne Bartolomé (Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao) - Deputy chair

Antonio M. Jaime Castillo (Universidad de Málaga, Málaga)

Pablo Oñate (Universidad de Valencia)

José Ramón Montero (UAM, Madrid)

Verónica Benet-Martínez (UPF, Barcelona)

Miguel Cainzos (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Joan Font (IESA/CSIC, Córdoba)

Javier Polavieja (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid)