The UPF Education Abroad Program also offers outstanding students the chance to conduct independent undergraduate research abroad. The aim is to meet the needs of highly competitive seniors seeking to include an international research experience in their academic curriculum. By participating in this program, academically accomplished students from selected partner institutions can conduct research projects in a UPF area of expertise that is relevant to their specific major (without truncating their relationship with their academic advisor at their home institution). The independent research project at UPF will be part of students' overall course load and will earn them credits at UPF to supplement those earned for the other courses taken as part of the Education Abroad Program.

One of the main goals of this project is to allow students to expand their disciplinary knowledge and to afford them opportunities for hands-on learning about local research methods and systems, while at the same time linking their research abroad with both their curricula and academic programs at their home institutions. The program is moreover structured to enable collaborative ventures between faculty at UPF and students' home institutions through co-tutoring of students' research experiences abroad. The value of earning academic credit for independent research projects conducted at UPF and tutored by renowned UPF faculty members is the cornerstone of the Experiential Learning Program.

As a result of all the above, and by conducting research with local resources to which they would not have access on their home campuses and observing the laws and practices of Barcelona society and the UPF community, students will enhance their immersion in the host culture. The UPF Education Abroad Program provides international students with the same resources available to local students and expects them to meet the same standards with regard to both ethics and academic behavior (including consent, confidentiality, and data collection, among others).

This program may only be taken for credit. Students will be awarded the 6 ECTS credits for their research project abroad.

CALENDAR: Students may enroll in this program in addition to their regular classes in any UPF term.
  • Fall: late September to late December
  • Winter: early January to late March
  • Spring: early April to late June

April 30 // Fall and Full-Year Programs
October 30 // Winter and Spring Programs

Applications will be reviewed and admitted after submitting the application form and drafting proposal to the Admissions department of the Education Abroad Program (EAP) at [email protected]

In order to help the students in the guiding of their Research Abroad Projects, there is a list of UPF research groups and potentials UPF tutors.  (This may help students find good faculty matches for their specific needs and academic interests)

** For those students interested in participate in any of the Experimental & Life Science research group, please check the specific list of Research Groups available to participate in. 

Once the applications and drafting proposals are confirmed from the EAP admissions department (and after a confirmed supervision by the UPF department in where the Research Abroad Project will be done)  student will be registered to the course and will start the Research Abroad Project at the indicated department.


  • This is an honors program: applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.3 at their school of origin.
  • The program is open to both students who have a strong command of Spanish and beginners, as the research projects may be conducted in either Spanish or English.
  • Applicants should come from a university or third party provider with a study abroad agreementwith UPF.
  • Payment of a research tutoring fee is required.
- Applied Economics
- Economic History
- Life Course Dynamics
- Survey Methods
- The State-Building Process in Latin America
- Nationalism
- Governance
- Literature
- Comparative Literature
- Literary Creation
- History
- History of Ideas
- Urban Studies
- History of Science
- History of Law
- Marketing
- Public Relations?
- Advertising?
- Spanish Film
- Television and Media
- Evolutionary Biology
- Brain & Cognition
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