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Campus Jr. - The Challenges of the Brain - a success!

Campus Jr. - The Challenges of the Brain - a success!


A course on the brain to unlock interest in scientific research

From July 3 to 7, the first edition of the course "The Challenges of the Brain" was held, led by Miguel Burgaleta, researcher at the Speech Acquisition & Perception Group (SAP), along with Mireia Torralba, Manuela Ruzzoli and Luis Moris, researchers Of the Multisensory Research Group (MRG), both groups belonging to the Center For Brain and Cognition (CBC) of the Department of Information Technologies and Communications of the University.

"We really had a group of students very willing to learn and to work and especially with great curiosity," says Mireia Torralba. The CBC researcher points out that many of them were already interested in neuroscience, and they were offered the experience of doing research for a week, with an overview of all the steps involved in this process: from the Formulation of an initial hypothesis, experimentation, to conclusions and presentation of results.

"We have tried to learn the notion of research, the importance of systematizing, of storing data, of knowing what to do when faced with a question, to be aware that things are not always cheated, and that sometimes the hypotheses are Wrong, "explains Mireia Torralba, who emphasizes that" the final posters presented by the students have been very good, they have been able to draw conclusions. "