Back Teachers from SEK International School Atlántico completed the RemixED stress management training program (2022-23)

Teachers from SEK International School Atlántico completed the RemixED stress management training program (2022-23)



During the 2022/2023 academic year, a group of secondary school teachers at SEK International School Atlántico received training on stress management and its implementation in the classroom to contribute to the well-being of the educational community within the framework of the RemixED educational innovation project.

Over the course of six workshops, teachers were first trained to understand the influence of stress on learning and the importance of equipping teachers and pupils with tools to manage such situations. Specific techniques were explored, and new materials were developed based on collaborative work between teachers. In the third phase, the educational framework offered by Universal Design Learning (UDL), which recognises that all children and adolescents learn in different ways, was explored in depth and resources were shared to improve the inclusive teaching/learning process. Gonzalo García, project coordinator at SEK International School Atlántico, highlighted the quality of the materials available on the platform, while David Castro, one of the participants, underlined the benefits of UDL-based methodologies to help students with different educational needs. Javier Martínez insisted on the importance of both obtaining and providing feedback to students about this learning methodology, as well as measuring the impact of the project on students. Alba González focused on the different learning styles and interests, as well as the importance of guiding students towards pathways that favour their potential. Alba Marie Brouet, on the other hand, stressed the value of this type of learning methodologies also to face the pressure of exams.


RemixED is a 30-month project within the framework of the European call 2021 Erasmus+ for the promotion of projects in education, training, youth and sports, coordinated by the research group in Interactive and Distributed Technologies for Education (TIDE) of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Pompeu Fabra University. Together with the SEK International School Atlántico, the University of Vigo, the Centro de Estudios Dolmen S.L. of Barcelona, the European University of Cyprus (Nicosia, Cyprus), the Lykeio Archangelou Apostolos Markos (Nicosia, Cyprus), MLCommunicate (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the Klasseskolen (Hillerød, Denmark) are participating in this project.




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