This output is one of the three main results of the project to further improve our understanding of supporting teacher professional development and the quality of teaching students receive. Research is planned to evaluate the effects of the project outputs as well as survey and interview (qualitative) studies to identify additional/future needs that become more apparent during the project.

The two main lines of research are:

  1. Learning Design approach to professional development: team-based CPD, mentoring, digital platform, co-creation processes;
  2. Effects on teacher practices (beliefs, knowledge): student centered learning, socially inclusive practices, blended learning, emotion regulation/science of stress.

The aim of the result is to:

  • Use research tools to assess the quality and impact of the project work.
  • Strengthen the relationship between researchers and practitioners with both learning from each other.
  • Contribute scientific knowledge related to teacher formation with learning design; technology-facilitated mentoring; learning design approaches related to blended learning, social inclusion, and student centered learning; and co-creation processes for educational innovation.
  • Disseminate the project and its outputs to the scientific community and beyond the partner countries. E.g. generate at least 2 peer-reviewed publications and attend local and international conferences in which the research studies and project outputs can be disseminated.