The project involves three intellectual results:


Our Approach

The project involves expert partners and school partners in each partner country. The experts and schools work together on improving publicly available lesson materials (OER) throughout the project. These materials are valuable resources on the science of stress and stress management and are in digital format. Materials are flexible in that they can be applied in-class, online, hybrid/blended – this process of redesigning and implementing the lessons gives teachers hands-on experience with digital content, technologies, and practices.

RemixED was created to improve the digital readiness and flexibility of schools to both handle emergency online teaching situations more effectively and to progress toward the digital transformation of education. The project establishes a digital approach to continuing professional development (CPD) in which teachers work in teams to redesign OER. The redesign and collaboration is facilitated by CPD workshops and an online platform. The workshops are led by researchers with expertise in learning design, student-centered learning, and inclusive learning designs. The platform includes tools to scaffold the redesign process so the resulting OER are more inclusive and student-centered. Further, partners will redesign a common set of lessons on the science of stress enabling schools from different regions/countries to collaborate and share ideas. Overall, schools and teachers gain the ability to work with digital materials and iteratively improve upon digital resources for both their schools and the wider educational community. During the CPD workshops and platform usage, research studies will be conducted and instruments based on European frameworks will be used.