A freely accessible, standalone, e-learning platform that supports teacher continuing professional development (CPD) via a team based approach to learning design. The RemixED platform facilitates co-operation processes and methodologies among teachers – as teachers work in teams to co-create and redesign learning activities. Through the usage of the platform, teachers learn to improve their learning designs and implementations. Teacher learning is accomplished through learning design and mentoring features of the platform, and best practice guidelines which are generated based on teacher usage of the platform during the CPD workshops.

The aim of the platform is to foster teachers adoption of a learning designer role – a mindset of continuous improvement (e.g. to be more inclusive, student-centered, and collaborative), empowered to collaboratively contribute to the professionalization of teaching:

  • by facilitating in-house mentoring and CPD
  • by creating improved science of stress resources
  • by contributing improved teaching resources

Moreover, the platform enables schools to:

  • offer ongoing CPD to their teachers,
  • to facilitate collaboration among teachers,
  • and to improve on common teaching resources over time.