The result involves applying co-operation processes and methodologies to produce a Toolkit comprising a series of workshops for the continuing professional development (CPD) of school teachers. The workshops form a training scheme for both adopting a team-based learning design approach to CPD and for teaching stress management lessons to students.

As part of the output activity, participating school teachers collaborate to:

  • Increase their proficiency in adapting and improving learning activities.
  • Make lessons more socially inclusive and student centered.
  • Establish a team-based learning design approach to continual CPD using a co-created methodology and digital tool/platform.
  • Develop proficiency in teaching students about stress management.

The workshops help schools improve their support of teachers professional development by:

  • Establishing a team-based approach to improving teaching resources.
  • Facilitating teacher access to mentors and ongoing peer support.

The workshops benefit students:

  • Improving the self-regulatory (stress management) abilities of students.
  • Improving the quality of learning activities used in these schools.

The workshops benefit the wider educational community by:

  • Providing a Toolkit with workshops and a methodology to implement the team-based CPD and Spotlighters OER.
  • Contributing improved (tested) resources to the educational community – improved Spotlighers learning activities.
  • Testing and developing an affordable model that provides ongoing CPD of teachers.