Back The Music Dimensions, an intelligent music installation at CaixaForum based on the TELMI project

The Music Dimensions, an intelligent music installation at CaixaForum based on the TELMI project

The installation proposes that visitors learn and perform music using interactive gesture recognition


Imatge inicial

TELMI (2016-2019) was a project focused on the development of interactive and intelligent systems to enhance the music learning process. After its finalization, it has generated many outputs, like the release of Skynote app, the interactive installation at The Royal College of Music Museum, and now the new exhibition installation The Music Dimensions, which will open in a few days in CaixaForum.

The Music Dimensions is an installation part of the exhibition #LaNUBE{IA}, a space for meeting, experimentation, and debate on the use of AI in education, through an interactive tour to learn about international research projects. The installation consists of three screens corresponding to each of the musical areas of rhythm, harmonic structure, and melody that are controlled by the gestures of the users. The first screen detects the amount of movement to control the density of drums playing. The second screen is a chord wheel that is turned by the arm gestures of the users. The third screen guides users to play melodies by moving their bodies.

#LaNUBE{IA} invites to learn about the potential for the education of technologies related to Artificial Intelligence, to participate in some of the amazing projects that already exist, and identify the critical points for proper implementation of AI among teachers, students, families, and institutions.

The exhibition is open to the public from 22 June 2022 to 23 July 2023 at CaixaForum València.

The Music Dimentions is a work by Rafael Ramírez and David Dalmazzo, in collaboration with MediaPro and Fundación “La Caixa”. The interactive design and the music engine were developed by David Dalmazzo as a custom application created for the exhibition.



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