This is a collection of audio used for the Genre Identification task of the ISMIR 2004 audio description contest organized by the Music Technology Group (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). The audio for the task was collected from Magnatune, which contains a large amount of music licensed under Creative Commons licenses. The task of the contest was to classify a set of songs into genres, using the genre labels that Magnatune provided in their database.

Further information about the original contest and the contents of the dataset can be obtained from the following technical report:

Cano P, Gómez E, Gouyon F, Herrera P, Koppenberger M, Ong B, Serra X, Streich S, Wack N. ISMIR 2004 audio description contest. Barcelona: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Music technology Group; 2006. 20 p. Report No.: MTG-TR-2006-02

The original contest website can be found at

The dataset contains the audio tracks from following 8 genres: classical, electronic, jazz- & blues, metal-, punk, rock-, pop, world.

For the genre recognition contest, the data was grouped into 6 classes: classical, electronic, jazz-blues, metal-punk, rock-pop, world, where in some cases two genres were merged into a single class. Note that ground-truth files uses these 6 classes, however in some cases the data is organised by original genre.