The industrial collaborations of the MTG take place in many different ways and contexts, such as by carrying out joint R&D projects, by promoting student internships, or by offering training and consulting services. The MTG also licenses its technologies and a number of spin-offs have been created to exploit some of them. 

R&D projects

The MTG is experienced in carrying out R&D projects in collaboration with companies. In these projects, we either develop specific technologies or adapt existing technologies of the MTG to the needs of the company. All these projects involve a strong and fruitful collaboration between MTG researchers and the company. In the last few years, we have collaborated very successfully with companies from a large variety of sectors.

Industrial PhDs

Research collaborations with companies can be done through Industrial PhD programs. These are programs partially funded by public institutions as part of which a student carries a research project at a company jointly supervised by a university professor and an engineer from the company. These industrial doctorates act as a bridge for knowledge transfer and encourage closer ties between industry and research. The MTG has been involved in a number of successful industrial PhDs in collaboration with our partner companies and partially funded by the Catalan Government.


As part of the education programs in which the MTG is involved with, students can do stays or internships in companies. This is an excellent way with which students get real work experience that also promote industrial collaborations with the MTG. In particular, in the Master in Sound and Music Computing, in which we always have a group of excellent students from all around the world, we have established a number of fruitful industrial collaborations as part of the internship program of the Master.

Training and Consulting services

Our research covers a variety of specializations related to sound and music computing and we are working on a wide range of state of the art technologies. From that experience, we can offer training and consulting services to companies on many topics. A common consulting service we offer is when a company wants to use one of our technologies and needs some support in order to adapt it to their particular application needs.


The MTG is very interested and open to collaborating with industrial companies, exploring opportunities for mutual benefit. Please contact us for any further information.